Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting semantic data out of the web

After populating my online profiles with enough semantic data to be able to query, I wanted to test some of the semantic search engines (and indexers) to see what comes out when searching for my own name.

Some of the social networks available in the internet have already exposed semantic data about its users, so this means you can get some results out of the search engines without having submitted or published and semantic (structured) information yourself.

Of the semantic search engines available I chose the two that returned the largest number of triples related to my name:

You can see the results yourself by clicking on each of the following links

Observe the most number of triples (around 300) returned for my RFID, xhtml/rdfa identity page.
Also see like SIG.MA breaks the explicit and implicit (inferred) terms identified.
Try it with your own name, or with the name of some public celebrity...