Sunday, March 7, 2010

To start with...

Hi and welcome to my new blog dedicated to my research and experiences with semantic web, linked data and all the related technologies known to this moment or even to be conceived.

Although I could have posted this as a section of my software development blog (see the lastest posts from at the top of this page), I though the complexity of the matter deserved a dedicated channel.

The idea is to publish here all the findings, updates, other sorts of bits related, and to get feedback from / listen to the community interested in the subject.

And to exercise my findings I used all the otherwise unlinked mesh of social networks. In a way to establish a common identity source that relates actually, the same people in different places.

I´ll refer to the work of other researchers as there are some folks that have already bee working on this for quite a long time.

Michael is one of those researchers, whose blog pointed me on some directions where to look at.

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