Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Personal FOAF page up and running!

That´s it... After reading and going through different sources, I managed to get my personal FOAF identity page based on RDFa+XHTML.
Ok, the html is pretty rough and needs some improvement in the formatting.
Now I plan to put some microformats on it, and some more fellows because I have just put one of my fiends just to prove the concept.
I also expect to link it back to other FOAF profiles of mine.
If you check the airport section in the xhtml file, you´ll notice I implemented the XHTML part based on the RDF one.

Sure there is lots of room for improvement. But it´s a start and it passed w3c validation for RDFa+XHTML and the XHTML Markup validation too. Woohooo!

Special Thanks to Michael Hausenblas for all the insight!

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